your most frequently asked questions

Information about lifts and the ski resort :

  • Which ski pass do I need to buy to follow the ski course at ESF Les Angles ?
You need a ski pass for every ski course at level Flocon and above (adults and children). You don't need it for beginner children ski course in the kindergarten and also for the first hours in private lesson for everyone who has never practiced skiing or snowboarding.The ski passes are never included in the rates of ESF Les Angles. You can book in advance your ski passes via the website of the ski resort Les Angles.

  • I don't know the ski domain of Les Angles ?
During our lessons, the instructor will show you and explain where you are and what you can do on demand.

General questions :

  • Will there be snow during my stay ?
Usually, there is no fear to have. The ski resort is widely equiped with snow guns (370) and the ESF Les Angles does absolutly everything to be abble to offer great lessons on the domain.

  • The weather looks pretty bad (snow, rain...)- Is the lesson happening ?
It is up to you... But your instructor will wait for you at the meeting point. Don't forget your goggles for a better visibility and appropriate clothes. There will be no reimbursement  nor delay.

  • Is the ski rental  included in the lesson ?
You must go to the meeting point with your equipment (skis, poles, ski shoes...)
Get information to the rental shops in the village. You can also hire everything in advance ! Visit the partners page !

  • Is the access to the ski lifts compulsory and free ?
For some kind of lessons with ESF Les Angles, the ski pass is not compulsory : The children in group who begin in the kindergarten and the first hours in private lesson for people who have never practiced skiing or snowboarding. For all the others courses, you have to purchase a ski pass. The ski pass is not included in the rates of ESF Les Angles.

You can order if you prefer your ski passes in advance on the website of the ski resort.

  • How to access to the different meeting points from where I stay to ESF Les Angles ? 
The meeting point is written on your lesson card.

Some shuttle buses run all day all over the village.
There is a stop at the chalet "des Castors", where the courses Piou-piou, ourson, flocon and private lessons
Another stop is on the car park near the bottom of the gondolas "Les pélerins", it is very convenient because you reach easily the meeting points for courses from 1* to gold star, competition (lesson, courses), freestyle, teens and adults courses, snowboard, private lessons (medium to expert level).

  • How many riders in groups ?
There is no regulation on that point. In a matter of qualitative perspective, the ESF Les Angles decided to limit the number at 10 riders per group for levels piou piou and Garolou and at 12 for levels above. Nevertheless, It might happen to exceed that numbers.

  • I will arrive after the first day of group course. How Ican get a lesson ?
We are very concerned to harmonize the level and the number of riders in groups that's why we will refuse to integrate any since tuesday in some levels (adults groups, snowboard groups), we can arrange for you some private lessons.
For children, don't hesitate to go and check to our office, a solution can be found to enter a course according to availability at ESF Les Angles.

  • In which languages will the instructor talk during the lesson with ESF Les Angles ?
The group courses are in french and can be translated by the instructor in different languages : english, spanish, Catalan. The private lessons and a day ESF instructor hire, you will always have an instructor who speaks the language you wish.

  • I wish to purchase lessons for less than 6 days, is it possible ?
This booking is not possible on the booking platform on internet. Nevertheless, it can be done by phone according to availability in the courses of ESF Les Angles. To join a course during the week, you need to go to our hostess at the ESF office to check the possibilities.

Questions about booking :

  • How can I book my course ?
3 different possibilities to book your lessons in advance, what we require highly :
  • Online sale : For the group courses and formula club only with a week course from sunday or monday to friday (5 or 6 days)
  • By mail : For the group courses, formula club, private lessons, instructor hire and groups
  • By phone : For the group courses, formula club, private lessons, instructor hire and groups

  • A booking with no payment, would it be valid ?
NO, cause without the integrality of the payment, we can't print your lesson cards.

  • Can Ido a booking by E-mail ?

  • Is The online sale secured ? I am not sure to communicate my bank card number to pay my lessons ?
Your bank details are verified by a secure payment to the Banque Populaire ( official bank of all french ski schools, ESF). All the guaranties are taken for you as for us !

  • When my payment will be effective ?
The day of your booking for online sale and by phone. But it will be when we will edit your lesson cards for booking by mail. If you wish to pay with holidays cheque you need to contact us directly by phone : 04 68 04 47 82

  • what are the means of payment accepted by ESF Les Angles ?
1) The Credit Card : Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue, American Express.
2) Bank cheque in euros only for the booking by mail and holidays cheque (recorded delivery)
3) payment by cash is
only accepted at the office in Les Angles.

  • Do I have to pick up my lesson cards at the office of ESF Les Angles ?
If you booked online, you have to come and bring the booking confirmation to our office and we will give you the lesson cards. If you booked by phone or by mail, we will send them straight to home. If the postal delay is too short, your cards will be available in our offices.

  • In case of injury or illness during my in Les Angles, The ESF will reimburse my lessons ?
under certain conditions, get informed at ESF office.

  • I will not be abble to come to Les Angles but I have already book and paid my lessons. Can I get my money back ?
YES, You need to purchase an insurance cancellation for your lessons booked online. For booking by phone, mail or directly at the office you need to cancel at least 48h before the course. Your request has to be done by mail with recorded delivery and an evidence.

The formula Club Piou Piou :

  • what is club piou piou ?
Available for infant from 3 years old, and till 1*, this formula associates group ski course and others fun activities inside or outside depending on weather conditions. Some qualified leaders will manage the entertainmentbefore and after the ski lessons. Children can stay during lunch (to provide) for the full day formula club. The ski lessons for the smaller take place in the ski kindergarten, a closed secured private area for the only use of ESF Les Angles.

  • what activities will infants of 3 years old do ?
For 3 years old children, we offer adapted group courses  to discover step by step the mountain environment and the pleasure to slide on the snow. In a fun space, dedicated to smaller, your children will feel great to ski while having fun.

  • Will my child be abble to follow a full day course ?
It depends on his physical resistance and his sport habits.
Respect above all the rythm of your child. He is on holiday and the goal is to have fun and like to slide on the snow. To become a champion is not the main goal !

  • During the week course my child or myself don't feel great with the lessons you chose. Can I get my money back ?
NO. If you are not sure to follow the entire week course (abilities or your like), we suggest you to try one lesson on sunday or monday (according to availability) and if you feel like more, you can go on the next day (according to availability too). You will have to pay the week course (the lesson you took will be integrate in the amount).

  • Can a whole family (children and adults) ski together ?
The groups have to be homogeneous (age and level) to permit a better improvement. The technics to teach to children and adults are different.